User data

After logging into KETTLER WORLD TOURS a summary and statistics are displayed about the current user. Underneath this you can find the next races that have been planned on the portal.

  • User:
    The user's basic data is displayed so it can quickly be checked that they are correct.
    • The IPN result is only displayed if an IPN test has been done.
    • The Change link opens the local User.
    • The information that was defined on the portal can be edited using the Online Profile link. This can also be used to change your own password and avatar.
    • The Training data is available from other users link only appears if a user has sent training data to the logged in user. The training data can be imported using the following dialogue. 
  • Statistics:
    Shows totals for time, distance and energy for the current day and overall.
  • Next race
    A list of all the races planned on the portal. The same list is also available on the portal

The menu in the left-hand margin provides the following function:

  • User data: The current view.
  • Training: Selection of training units. The training starts by selecting a programme or tour.
  • Online Training: The online lobby opens and allows you to race online.
  • Analysis: All previously recorded training data can be analysed.
  • Create tour: Create or edit new tours.
  • Messages: Communication with other KETTLER WORLD TOURS users. Identical to messages on the portal.
  • Device: The training device currently being used. If several devices are set up you can select the device to be used.
  • Log off: Back to the Start screen.