Device configuration

The training devices are managed in this section. The registered devices and their configurations are displayed in this list.

Add device

A new device is registered using the Add function. The following screen appears.

Search/select device

The type of interface has to be selected first.


Devices that are connected by USB or COM are set up using the USB/COM key.

KETTLER WORLD TOURS carries out an automatic search on all the PC's COM ports when you press the Search key . If you know the COM port, you can select this directly from the appropriate field.

With some older devices that do not have unique identification it is possible to define them by selecting the electronic display images.


Devices that communicate by Bluetooth are set up using the Bluetooth key.

By clicking the Select key a selection dialogue appears where all the Bluetooth devices are listed. For the devices to be listed here they have to be connected beforehand using the Windows control panel. However, it is possible to connect them directly in this dialogue by setting the device to visible mode. Once the device is selected KETTLER WORLD TOURS tries to establish a connection and determine what kind of device it is.

Once it is successfully connected, a control explanation or command appears to connect a control panel.
Operation may differ with devices with gear Levers.

Demo device

The Demo key allows you to configure a test device. You can familiarise yourself with KETTLER WORLD TOURS using the demo device without having to workout. The courses run independently. The demo device can be started or stopped using the space key.
Under Select device you can choose the type of device, exercise bike, treadmill or cross trainer with elevation setting.

Search/select control panel

If the connected training device has a USB port, another separate COM port is required for the control panel. The control panel is passive and does not send any information. Therefore a key must be permanently pressed on the control panel for detection during a search or when selecting the port! Once detected, this key turns yellow and then changes to red on the display.

Once the control panel is detected, you have to press the other keys individually until these keys have also turned red.

The position in which the control panel is to be installed can be chosen in Direction.

Once all the entries are valid, the Apply key will be displayed for selection and only then are the training functions available in the program.

Remove device

To remove a device from the list, select the entry and the Remove key.

Clipboard function

The list of devices can be copied onto the clipboard, for example to forward the data to Support, using this function.

Change the control panel direction

To change the control panel direction, select the device from the list and open up the Edit function from the context menu (right mouse click).