Registration / User

Several users can be set up in KETTLER WORLD TOURS. Training data, settings and courses are saved independent of each other.

Users and groups are organised in a tree diagram. Users and groups can be moved within the tree diagram. The Imported users group is used by KETTLER WORLD TOURS for training data, which has been sent by other users.

Mark the user under which the training is to be done and select by double clicking it or Apply.

The User data view opens.

Create/edit a user

To create a new user, choose the User option above Create.

Personal details are entered under user details.

  • Alias: is used in a single training session and studio mode instead of the name. The portal user name is still used in online mode.
  • Gender: is required to interpret the IPN test and work out the coaching program.
  • Weight: is required to interpret the IPN test, work out the coaching program and calculate performance in courses under "Tours".
  • Entry reminder: the weight is requested in order to record the values in statistics.
  • Height: the height in cm is used to work out the B.M.I.
  • Date of birth: the age worked out from this is required to calculate target pulse values.
  • Training activities: is required to interpret the IPN test.
  • Resting heart rate: is required to calculate the results of the IPN test.

The access data for the KETTLER WORLD TOURS portal are stored under online access. Access can be registered directly using the software. The online profile can be edited under the User profile link in User data.

The following program-specific settings can be carried out under Settings:

  • Unit for energy consumption
  • Unit for distances
  • Unit for speed
  • Selection of the training device's user memory that is to be used for training. (only possible if user memory available)
  • Maximum heart rate setting for heart rate monitoring, applied as a limit line in the heart rate chart
  • Pulse limit that should not be exceeded for heart rate program.

Settings specific to the device can also be carried out:

Exercise bike / Cross trainer

  • Performance limit 

Performance calculation in courses under "Animation"

  • Reality factor [%]
    The performance calculation is only applied xx % to the device to be able to cope as the course gets steeper.
  • Minimum performance [watts].
    The basic performance of 25 watts can be increased depending on the device.
  • Gearset (1-20)
    The gearset can be set up as mountain bike, trekking bike or racing bike.
  • Automatic switching [Watt]
    If automatic switching is activated, the software controls it to the performance defined.

There is another option with the V3 cross trainer

  • Use incline
    If this point is activated, the software controls it to the inclines defined.

The maximum speed can be set on treadmills.

Edit user

An existing user's details can be changed using the Edit function.

Create groups

Users can be created in groups. This may make it easier to structure user lists. It only makes sense to create groups if several users are created.

Groups are created using Create and by selecting the Group function.

Users and groups can be moved within the tree diagram.