Operating treadmills

Start training

KETTLER WORLD TOURS does not start the treadmill. Once you have selected a course and the related command Please start treadmill has appeared, the treadmill is started as usual using either the Plus Speed key (with 5 seconds time delay) or the Start key (immediate). If the treadmill is not stationary at the start of training, the message will appear: Please stop treadmill.


KETTLER WORLD TOURS only controls speed and/or the incline throughout a course or using the control panel once the treadmill has been started using the appropriate device key. The software takes over the control once the it has been "detected" that the treadmill has started.

Stopping the control

KETTLER WORLD TOURS stops the control if you change the speed using the device keys. The message then appears No software control any more. The treadmill is now only being controlled manually. To continue the course, you have to stop the treadmill and restart it using the appropriate device key.

End of course or interruption/end of training session

KETTLER WORLD TOURS does not stop the treadmill at the end of the course or when the training session is interrupted or ended. The treadmill is stopped using the appropriate treadmill device keys (Minus Speed key or Stop key), as with manual operation.