Heart rate display with older devices

With devices that display "1" under the heart rate bar instead of "0", either "0" or in the recovery window "No pulse" is displayed with 10 heart rate values that are the same.


"Device firmware (internal device software) unfortunately too old!" message

If device detection establishes that the connected device's firmware is too old, it is not possible to run the software. This message may also appear when running devices that are supported by previous software versions.
A device software update is possible in this case though:
Please send the disassembled electronic display only (not the whole device) with the note "Firmware Update" to us at the following address:
Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG
Service Center/Electronics Test Center
Henry-Everling-Straße 2
59174 Kamen



You can carry out the firmware update yourself with KETTLER devices with a USB connection etc.. You can obtain the software and description for this on our website page

Known problems

MX1 (SC1B/SC2B) and DX1 pro (SD1B)
With both these devices, the heart rate display may appear without any signal being given when exchanging data with World Tours . In this case, please plug the ear clip into the jack.


Recovery function with older devices with ID = "–" and "KX"

The recovery function is only carried out correctly after a training session that lasts longer than 1 minute. The heart rate values are only partly applied with the "Device idle" message.