USB Stick

The storage function on the USB stick is available with the newer electronic displays SH, SI, SJ, SK. To be able to record training to the USB stick it is recommended that you check the firmware. It is available with SI, SJ, SK from version 3240onwards. Here is the link for this:
To be able to use this function you need a USB stick with FAT 32 formatting. Only one free USB port is required on the PC.
You can find out how to use the USB stick on the training device in the device's instructions for use.


Use USB stick as data source

You can find the functions for the USB stick in the summary under "IMPORT USB".
If the USB stick is already plugged into the PC it is automatically detected. It can also be detected using "SEARCH". CONNECT-FIT shows information about the stick, the user's name and the number of training sessions.
Unlike with the Cardio Card, data is saved directly to the USB stick!
The stick's data can be modified using the